The End is Nigh – InfoPath’s Lullably

Don’t run, don’t panic, but Microsoft has announced the future retirement for its InfoPath Form product. I’m not sure that the end is really all that near, considering that support for InfoPath in SharePoint 2013 will be continued until 2023, but it does make some sense to start considering the alternatives and to plan your short term projects appropriately.


The Microsoft future involves things like Forms on Spreadsheets with Excel Online and building Apps with Access Services. Some of these features are already available in SharePoint 2013 Online, but many of the features won’t be present in on-premise until the next major version of SharePoint, and it appears they will be approaches which will require more technical expertise than current solutions.


Nintex, thank goodness, has recognized that users wanted a powerful solution that was also easy to use, develop, deploy and maintain. The Nintex Forms product for SharePoint On-Premise & Online is the perfect replacement for InfoPath. It already supports deploying application interfaces to mobile devices, it directly connects to SharePoint list data and BCS data sources, and it works seamlessly with workflow tasks and data (something InfoPath never did without some major technical aerobics).


We’ve been using Nintex Forms to slowly replace our clients InfoPath deployments and we haven’t looked back since.. See how the power of Nintex Forms can pull you out of forms Purgatory. Contact us for a demo today!