SAP Tech Ed / Highland Martin + Search Your Cloud (BOOTH 116A)


Highland Martin, in partnership with Search Your Cloud (SYC), is proud to announce the launch of our highly scalable document processing platform for Microsoft SharePoint On-Premise and Office 365.  With cutting edge AES 256 document encryption and patented enterprise search technologies, the Highland Martin dMAX platform can now protect your organization’s data while providing the document efficiency you’ve enjoyed for years.    …Scan/Encrypt/Recognize/Route/Archive/Search…

Accounting Departments, Human Resources, Legal, Operations.. any department, any-size organization.


The power of SYC to ENCRYPT

  • Protect all content with industry standard AES 256 security
  • Secure content without a key store
  • Lock down documents at the file level
  • Every character in every file encrypted
  • Encrypted in transit and at rest. Don’t be a hacking statistic!

The power of SYC to SEARCH

  • Simultaneously search ALL of your email, desktop and cloud sources
  • Save you time and effort with highly targeted results
  • Search from ANY device, mobile or desktop
  • Quickly find what you need without interrupting workflow

All on top of the dMAX Platform

    • Scan via MFP, Scanner, Mobile device
    • Automatic document recognition and information extraction
    • Link documents seamlessly to ERP and Accounting Platforms (like SAP!)
    • Document routing and rules engine
    • Record locking for proper teamwork
    • Role based/Department based security
    • Accounts Payable Automation, HR document processing, more…

If you’d like to find out how to add efficiency and security to your business processes, CONTACT US about adding the power of document management, document workflow, encryption and search to your organization.