Support Terms and Conditions

Product Support Terms and Conditions

Modified by Highland Martin Support on Mar 01, 2016


HIGHLAND MARTIN is here to assist you in utilizing the full value of HIGHLAND MARTIN Software products. This document describes the HIGHLAND MARTIN Commitment to provide Support Services.

Offerings provided while client maintains a support contract

  • Updates and Upgrades – All offerings include regularly scheduled Product Releases which include defect fixes and functional upgrades.
  • Web-based Services
  • Web-based Support Tool – Online Case submission and tracking system allowing eligible contacts to create, update, and review their existing Cases.
  • Product Updates – Download access to the latest Fix Pack and Service Pack releases.
  • HIGHLAND MARTIN Standard Support – First Tier support is always provided by the HIGHLAND MARTIN Reseller, if a reseller sold the customer HIGHLAND MARTIN products. When a Reseller and/or Customer cannot resolve an issue using the tools and resources described in Web-based Services, that Reseller can contact the HIGHLAND MARTIN Technical Support team on the Customer’s behalf during HIGHLAND MARTIN Support Hours, which are published at Support Hours & Contact Information.

The remainder of this article will refer to terms defined in our Product Release Definitions article. If you are not familiar with how HIGHLAND MARTIN categorizes product releases, please read the article first.

Contact Options

In all Cases, HIGHLAND MARTIN requires the Reseller / Customer contacting Technical Support to be fully trained and where appropriate, certified on the use of the product. In addition, the Technical Support team validates the coverage of all product licenses by a current Support Contract before processing any support request.

HIGHLAND MARTIN Resellers are required to provide First Line support where the Customer chooses to work with the Reseller as the primary support provider. The Reseller is expected to provide assistance in answering software installation, configuration, or usage questions; initial error information gathering, error isolation and identification, creating a reproducible test environment for reported errors, and providing standard fixes or workarounds to known problems, in particular those issues related to security, permissions, file sharing and networking configuration at the install location. In the event the Customer chooses to enter into a Support Agreement with HIGHLAND MARTIN , HIGHLAND MARTIN will require the Customers local IT resources, where applicable and available; to assist with providing these services.

Operational Commitments

HIGHLAND MARTIN Technical Support prioritizes its case load based on the Case Priority set by the HIGHLAND MARTIN Technical Support Manager, and is determined by the time the case was logged, input from the Reseller and/or Customer, and the severity of the issue in question. The Priorities and Initial Response Times used by Support are defined in the following table:

HIGHLAND MARTIN provides Web-based Access, through the HIGHLAND MARTIN Support Portal, to contact its Technical Support team. Telephone Access is also available as described in the Support Hours & Contact Information article.

HIGHLAND MARTIN Technical Support provides Second Line support to its Resellers and their Customers. This includes but is not limited to, providing further assistance with the tasks described in the previous paragraph. This may include configuration changes, a product usage or environmental workaround or require the Customer to install a Update, Service Pack, or upgrade to the latest Product Release. If required, Second Line support includes contacting HIGHLAND MARTIN Engineering for diagnostic assistance and scheduling the development and release of any Updates required to address the reported issue. In all cases, HIGHLAND MARTIN Support will remain the Reseller and/or Customer’s primary point of contact regarding updates to the Case.

Priority Environment Functionality




Initial Response Time
Critical Production Major Major or All 2 Business Hours
High Production Major Few or N/A 4 Business Hours
Normal Production Minor Any 8 Business Hours
Low Any Minor/None Few or N/A 8 Business Hours

Initial response time represents the maximum time before a HIGHLAND MARTIN Technical Support Analyst will acknowledge receipt of a Customer’s reported Case and begin diagnosis. The assigned Support Analyst works the case jointly with the rest of the Support & Engineering teams to identify an acceptable workaround or resolution for the issue. If resolution of the Case requires escalation to another Technical Support Analyst or to HIGHLAND MARTIN Engineering, the Technical Support Analyst handling the Case gathers all required information and assigns the Case to the appropriate resource. A Customer can request escalation of a Case at any time, whenever the Customer thinks the Case needs additional attention. Escalation of a Critical Priority Case triggers an alert in the HIGHLAND MARTIN Case Tracking System. Cases can generally be escalated if the Priority of a Case increases or if the response time to a Case is deemed inadequate.

Life Cycle Policy

HIGHLAND MARTIN will provide product updates as necessary to deliver new functional enhancements and correct discovered defects for so long as the product is actively listed in the HIGHLAND MARTIN product catalog. Removal of a product form the product catalog is at the sole discretion of HIGHLAND MARTIN , but in all cases of product discontinuation HIGHLAND MARTIN Resellers and direct Customers will be provided a minimum of six months advance notice that the product is scheduled for removal. Notice will be provided via one or more of the following: direct email, email newsletters, and updates to HIGHLAND MARTIN web sites; including the Partner Portal and this knowledge base.

HIGHLAND MARTIN is committed to supporting the most current Major Release and the previous Major Release of all products currently listed in the HIGHLAND MARTIN product catalog. When a new Major Release enters General Availability (GA), the previous most current Major Release is no longer available for sale to new customers and is then considered to be the previous Major Release. HIGHLAND MARTIN will continue to support the supplanted previous Major Release for six months, to include releasing Service Packs and Updates. At the expiration of the legacy support period, no additional Service Packs or Updates will be released for the legacy Product Release. If a case logged against a legacy product release is determined, at HIGHLAND MARTIN’s sole discretion, to require a new update to correct the issue the Reseller and/or Customer will be required to upgrade to the latest Product Release. Should the Reseller and/or Customer choose not to upgrade they will lose any further rights granted by this policy document with respect to the Case in question, until such time that the required upgrade is performed.

For all HIGHLAND MARTIN products, when a Major Release Product enters its End of Support period according to the Life Cycle policy, support to facilitate migration to a current Major Release will remain available indefinitely.


Software Support does not cover: (i) modifications made to the standard Software application by the Customer or third parties (including HIGHLAND MARTIN Professional Services), (ii) applications developed by the Customer or third parties, products, services or functionality not provided by HIGHLAND MARTIN R&D, (iii) onsite support services at the physical location of the Error, (iv) products for which the Customer has not maintained current certifications, (v) systems engineering services, programming and operations procedures of any sort, (vi) the use of an operating system or any software or hardware or networking systems not certified by HIGHLAND MARTIN, (vii) interconnection or integration of the Programs with products not designated Certified or Supported by HIGHLAND MARTIN , (viii) use of the Programs in a manner for which they were not designed.