SharePoint Document Management for Restaurants and Retail Stores

Sharepoint Document Management for Franchise, Restaurants and Retail LocationsTime after time we encounter hub and spoke businesses that are spending thousands of dollars in overnight shipping and courier fees to send documents to corporate.  Often ripped, stained with ketchup and featuring a boot print (or two), these documents are important to the business but they have taken a back seat in the business automation arena. Composed of invoices, packing slips, orders, and human resource documents, these packets can take days or weeks to finally get into corporate hands. Early pay discounts for invoices are lost, along with any semblance of efficiency.

There are tremendous benefits to having these documents scanned electronically from the field, and you might be surprised to find that a lot of the infrastructure is already in place to have SharePoint Document Management for Restaurants and Retail Stores.

Scanning Paper from the Field

Most locations already have multi-function copy machines or multi-function printers with scan capabilities. Most locations have internet connectivity. What’s usually missing is the piece to get the electronic document from point A to point B, which is one of the problems we solve with our dMAX line of products.

Free Data Entry

Why enter all of the data at corporate when you already have tens or hundreds of people in the field locations that could do it for you? Since they are able to scan these in near real time to their receipt or generation, they usually have a much better understanding of what they are and where they came from and can approve them in advance. Many times invoices can be coded in the field or pre-matched with PO’s in the accounting system. This saves precious time for AP processors. The same goes with Human Resources and other departmental documents.

Classification – Accounting vs Human Resources vs Payroll, etc.

Instead of relying on your mailroom to divide and sort the documents, they are already classified by store and by department based on the scanning from the field. This means that the documents wind up in the right queue and are seen by the right people. If a document winds up in the wrong place, you simply assign it back to the right queue, not always the case with a piece of paper.

Field Access

Floor space is a commodity anywhere, but retail and restaurant space is awfully expensive for holding filing cabinets. Since the documents are imaged and stored in corporate servers, it can be easily searched by the field locations. Permissions and access can be defined by document, folder, store and employees.

Did you get it? Did you get it?

Vacation requests, timesheets, commission filings and other such documents are important to the people in the field. These types of documents are often followed with a string of phone calls or emails to ensure that they have been received for processing. Automated workflow notifications, accompanied with the immediacy of scanning vs mailing, allow the field workers to be “in the loop”. Improving customer satisfaction applies to your internal employees as well. Making them feel better is a good thing for your top and bottom line, and it’s the right thing to do.

The dMAX Accelerator product line

Join the over 1000 remote locations that make their businesses more efficient with the dMAX line of products, including the dMAX Document Accelerator and dMAX Invoice Accelerator. The ROI is clear, the solution is here.

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