Sharepoint Document Management Workflow

If your using SharePoint for document management you need workflow!

custom sharepoint document management workflow

SharePoint Document Management Workflows is one of the most important pieces of the document management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint. Workflows help manage a group of people working together within a company. This translates into completing tasks that need to be done by different individuals on the same document. Here are some of the many features typically used when running documents through a workflow.

Example document workflows used in different areas of business:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Types of documents that are usually processed in a SharePoint Document Management Workflow:

  • Accounts Payable Documents: Invoices, Bills
  • Accounts Receivable Documents: Terms of Sale, Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, Personal Documents

Document Workflow Features

Email Notifications – Notifications can be sent to particular people within a company regarding additional information about a document, approval of the document to proceed onto the next step in the business process, alert that a document has been completed and information about who has been involved. The list of notifications could go on and on.

Document Data Comparison – When a document needs to be compared with another database, record, and many other types of reference. Indexed information can be compared and the changes in the data can be logged or another process can be provoked if rules put in place are triggered during the data comparison.

We have helped many companies create a workflow around their existing business process for document management which lead to creating an easier flow of business while working with documents.