Flexible Document Management for Restaurants

After walking 33.7 miles at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, two things were apparent. I needed to buy some gel inserts for my shoes, and restaurants are not at all the same. Because many of the restaurant groups have grown through acquisition, POS systems, accounting systems and processes can be completely different throughout the same organization. One thing similar among most is that credit card receipts, vendor invoices, packing slips and human resource related documents are crammed in every corner, filling bankers boxers, filing cabinets and in dark closets in the bathroom. The corporate offices are even more jammed with paper, considering they typically become the storage house where all documents go to die.

Although most of the stores and restaurants have smart-copiers and multi-function scanners, many still courier or pay to ship their paperwork to the home office, a hard cost that can often provide the complete ROI for our dMAX Document Management solution in record time.

The common question was “What makes you different from the Insert Document Management Platform Here that I tried before?” And it made me think.. why have we been so successful in this space. The answers are, in no particular order:

  • Domain Expertise – We understand restaurants and restaurant culture, and we know that many of the documents scanned into our system are going to have French fry grease, bootprints and the corners might be burnt.
  • POS Integration – Our system sits on top of almost every major POS system (local or in the cloud), and can easily connect to many different platforms all at the same time.
  • Dual accounting – Unlike most of the other industries, Restaurants are doing the same accounting two and three times. Transactions are flowing from POS systems and other restaurant systems into traditional accounting and ERP platforms. The dMAX platform is designed to integrate on both sides of the process and centralizes the document access so there is no need for duplication of image or data storage.
  • Flexibility – One store wants to scan from a copy machine, another from a local scanner, another one sends to corporate via courier and is entered at the home office. We can read the information off of PO cover sheets, barcode sheets and invoices. We can allow the users to index the records, providing intelligent lookups from the POS/Back-Office systems. The dMAX platform also supports full intelligent recognition, learning as it goes and as documents flow through the system.
  • Modern and mobile/local or cloud based – Many of the systems out there today are clunky and old. dMAX can run locally on client servers or in the cloud via the Microsoft Azure platform or Office 365. Powerful drag and drop workflows provide for smart routing and complex approvals. And everything can be done from a computer or from a mobile tablet connected via GoGo WiFi on a Delta flight to Atlanta (very specific, because I just did that).

Bottom line, the NRA Show was our first and was incredible. We are excited about the opportunity to grow even further in the space and to partner with great technology companies and restaurants all over the world. And most importantly, bring REALLY comfortable shoes and bring your appetite. The food is incredible and the expo halls are loooooonnnnnnggggg.