Your Accounts Payable process is unique.

custom sharepoint invoice accelerator bpm document workflow highland martin

Wouldn’t you prefer to have an invoice processing platform that fits the way that you do business?

custom sharepoint invoice accelerator bpm document workflow highland martin





Our dMax SharePoint Invoice Accelerator is not a product, but a secure and scalable document processing platform that has been customized to handle most common, as well as the most unique Accounts Payable processes. Built on top of the Microsoft Sharepoint infrastructure, the dMax SharePoint Invoice Accelerator allows you to easily capture, approve, code and post invoices to virtually any ERP. Powerful workflows allow for desktop or mobile approvals, and automated tracking and tracing of each invoice throughout the entire process. Because the Invoice Accelerator is built on top of Sharepoint, you don’t pay extra for the components you already have, you only purchase the components you need to match your invoice processing requirements.

Technical features:

  • Scan/Capture – Capture documents from multi-function copiers, network scanners, desktop scanners, network/ftp directories or design custom capture solutions using the built-in monitoring tools. Metadata can be extracted from text files, information encoded in the image, file names, directory names and many other data sources. Files can be imported and/or converted to most popular file types including Image or Text PDF’s and single or multipage TIFF’s.
  • Image Processing – A plethora of image related processing tasks are available, including 1D & 2 D Barcode recognition, page splitting, deskew, despeckle, line removal, auto-rotation, binarize and more.
  • Intelligent Extraction – Several options for advanced data extraction are available, including Barcode Recognition, Zonal OCR, OMR, ICR and regular expression extraction. Step up to the enterprise extraction options and you’ll experience the power of completely automated invoice data extraction without the need for creating templates. Based on the Brainware Invoice Recognition Engine by Perceptive Technologies, dMax is one the few companies licensed to offer this world class technology at a price affordable for any size organization.
  • Workflow/Business Rules Engine – Data driven workflows allow business analyst and AP resources to configure resource lists for any workflows, including invoice approval or invoice coding. Rules based architecture allows for routing invoices based on vendor, amount, GL departments, location codes or any other metadata that accompanies the invoice. Supports automatic and manual task delegation, adHoc approval additions, full history view, and invoice viewing.
  • ERP Integration – By leveraging the BCS data connectors within Sharepoint, we surface Vendor IDs, Vendor Names, departments, GL codes, and other ERP data into the invoice processing workflow process. Virtually any ERP that supports some method of database, web service or REST-based access can be used to drive the workflow data. Export back to the ERP for posting invoice data can occur via file drop, database update or any other type of programmatic access. Links within the ERP can be surfaced to take users directly to the archived documents, and data from the ERP client screens can be used to dynamically populate index screens for newly scanned images. Past integrations have included Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP and SL, Yardi, Oracle and JDE.
  • Audits/Reporting – Every step and stage of the workflow is stored for future reporting. For advanced and custom analysis, you can surface the history data through Excel Services, Reporting Services, or any other Business Intelligence platform.

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