Sharepoint Document Imaging

custom sharepoint document imaging solutions

Microsoft SharePoint provides simplified document management, content mangement benefits, and can enhance collaboration through total availability. But how do you scan documents to Microsoft SharePoint and what sort of SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions are available?

One Answer: PSI:Capture. PSIGEN’s latest enhacement to its advanced document capture application, leverages all the power and efficiency of its SharePoint Capture features, and has adapted them to all versions of Microsoft’s SharePoint application. Scan to SharePoint with dedicated scanners, network scanners, copiers and fax machines. Along with scanning devices, PSI:Capture also provides image import from network folders, SharePoint WebDAV folders and OpenText RightFax fax servers. Any way you slice it, PSIGEN offers an affordable automated scanning solution to your SharePoint document capture strategy.

Answer 2:  Vizit Pro.  Vizit Pro™ makes it easy to capture documents directly into SharePoint libraries. Make images look like the original with powerful image manipulation.  When page manipulation, mark-ups and clean-ups are the goal.

How do I create a scanning onramp for SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions?

Any device, Any Document, Any Time. PSIGEN’s flagship product, PSI:Capture Enterprise provides advanced capture capabilities utilizing dedicated scanners or any network scanning device to provide document imaging. Accelerate your scanning through this flexible, scalable, powerful tool.

What type of information can I capture when scanning to SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions?

sharepoint document imaging solutionsDocument scanning is not just about converting paper into digital files, it is also about capturing important data about the file so it can be retrieved quickly and easily. PSI:Capture provides numerous ways to capture information on documents, including: Zone OCR, Barcode detection and full text OCR.

Can I utilize my fax, scanning copier or MFPs to scan to customize SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions?

Every copier, fax and MFP today can provide the ability to scan to TIFF or PDF. Unfortunately, most devices lack the features within their firmware to provide standardization, integration and migration to SharePoint. PSI:Capture can enhance the capabilities of any scanning device through our robust feature set.

What type of scanner can I use?  Can I use a custom scanner with SharePoint Document Imaging?

Organizations are utilizing SharePoint to store a wide variety of documents. What type of volume are you scanning? Do you want to centralize your scanning process, or distribute? No matter the scanning device, PSI:Capture provides the flexibility to deploy in any environment.

How important are traditional document imaging features?

Document imaging is both art and science, and a robust imaging feature set can provide efficiency, standardization and automation to any document scanning and capture implementation. PSI:Capture was born in scanning service bureaus, and has all the features and power to make your project a true success.

How do I convert image files to searchable PDFs with OCR (in place) in SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions?

In order to create searchable PDF files from existing TIFF images and/or existing non-searchable PDF files, you need a fast and flexible OCR application. PSI:Capture provides a SharePoint OCR engine as an option, tuned for speed, accuracy, or flexibility.


Benefits of Scanning to SharePoint Document Imaging Solutions:

◦Route documents to SharePoint sites, libraries and folders

◦Automatically set content types, document sets and term store information based on document characteristics

◦Create standardized folders and file naming schemes

◦Create searchable PDFs with OCR for Sharepoint

◦Utilize all of our advanced capture software features, including barcoding, OCR, data capture, data extraction and more.

◦Use PSIGEN’s new “list to library” linking technology to map SharePoint data to document