High Volume Document Processing with our SharePoint Document Accelerator

SharePoint Document Processing Go Green

What is the dMAX SharePoint Document Accelerator?

The dMAX Document Accelerator is a queue-based, document processing platform that allows you to scan, process and archive any document for any business function. Powerful SharePoint Document Processing technology ensures the right resource is entering the correct data at every appropriate stage.

  • Record Locking – Stops wasted time of two users working the same document
  • Audit Logging – History roll-up shows all system and user activity in one place
  • Smart Data – Data-entry fields are linked to your business systems for speed and accuracy during entry
  • Intelligent Data Extraction – Pull the information out of the document instead of typing it!
  • Split Screen Processing – Dual monitors allow users to view documents full size while they work

dMAX SharePoint Document Processing

High Volume SharePoint Document Processing

Any document, any department, any organization. The dMAX Document Accelerator is easily customizable to handle any business process.  SharePoint Document Processing templates available for Accounts Payable process, the dMAX Invoice Accelerator, purchase requisitions, purchase orders and for HR . More templates added often.

        • Accounting – AP Invoice Processing, New Vendors, PO’s, Expense Reimbursements
        • Human Resources – Onboarding, Change of Benefits, Vacation Requests
        • Operations – Order Processing, Change Requests, Customer Onboarding
        • Sales – Contract Management, Proposal Approval, Sales Orders
        • IT – Server requisitions, adds/moves/changes, asset management
        • Legal – Contract review, lease agreements, agreement approval

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