dMAX Intacct AP Automation

dMAX Accounts Payable Automation for Intacct AICPA dMAX Accounts Payable Automation for Intacct

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Intacct helps CFOs access integrated management and financial reports across their business entities – in minutes not days – to grow and drive their businesses. As the only AICPA-preferred financial management solution, Intacct ERP software delivers the automation and controls around billing, accounting and reporting that finance needs to reduce errors, stay audit-ready and scale the business.

dMAX Intacct AP Automation

A centralized accounting platform deserves a centralized approach to document managment and document processing. The dMAX Intacct AP Automation platform by Highland Martin brings the added efficiency of paperless processing to the Intacct cloud.


Easily scan invoices from Multi-Function Copiers and Personal Scanners, or drag and drop electronic files from network directories or from Outlook. Paper be gone!


dMAX is connected to your Intacct platform, allowing you to quickly assign an invoice to a particular vendor and enter relevant invoice detail. GL distributions are a breeze, using the chart of accounts from your Intacct instance. Enter the distributions by hand, or use a template per vendor. Coding an invoice across multiple organizations or Intacct instances is a snap.


Using simple or complex rules, Invoices can be routed throughout your organization for approval. Users can simply respond to emails or use their mobile devices to approve or even change the GL coding if you wish. Everything is tracked and traced.


All documents involved in the process can be stored directly in the Intacct record, allowing for easy search and retrieval for customer service or for a complex audit. Store separate copies in an enterprise document management system or even Office 365.


Getting rid of paper is the future. An invoice or document sitting in the mailroom or on someone’s desk is useless to anyone else in the enterprise. Using the Intacct AP Automation platform allows you to turn your paper into electronic documents, allowing you to load share across multiple resources in distributed offices. Electronic documents can be traced and tracked, they can be shared, they can be accessed at the right time by the right resources.

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