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SharePoint – Creating an easy export to Excel link

The SharePoint chrome can get pretty heavy handed. You don’t want users to get lost in sea of menus and options. In this instance, we wanted to show multiple lists on one Wiki Page, but we also wanted the users to be able to export the list data to Excel. If we used the default mechanism, we’d have to leave the full toolbar on, and the user would have to click into the list, and find the export to Excel option in the menus.

Instead, we simply add a hyperlink in the Wiki-Page using the following format:


You need to replace the List ID with the ID of the list you want to export, and View with the ID of the view in the list you want to export. The easiest way to get this information is to open the list or library in SharePoint, select the correct view, and click “Modify View” in the toolbar. Copy and paste the URL into notepad and you should see the List and View parameters to use in the URL above.

I like to include some instructions in the link like:

(Click here to export to Excel – then click Open and then Enable, if prompted)

This refers to the Open required to open the view in Excel and Enable to the security dialog box that you may be prompted with inside of Excel).

Good luck!

Team Highland Martin