SAP Tech Ed / Booth 116A

SAP Tech Ed / Highland Martin + Search Your Cloud (BOOTH 116A)


Highland Martin, in partnership with Search Your Cloud (SYC), is proud to announce the launch of our highly scalable document processing platform for Microsoft SharePoint On-Premise and Office 365.  With cutting edge AES 256 document encryption and patented enterprise search technologies, the Highland Martin dMAX platform can now protect your organization’s data while providing the document efficiency you’ve enjoyed for years.    …Scan/Encrypt/Recognize/Route/Archive/Search…

Accounting Departments, Human Resources, Legal, Operations.. any department, any-size organization.


The power of SYC to ENCRYPT

  • Protect all content with industry standard AES 256 security
  • Secure content without a key store
  • Lock down documents at the file level
  • Every character in every file encrypted
  • Encrypted in transit and at rest. Don’t be a hacking statistic!

The power of SYC to SEARCH

  • Simultaneously search ALL of your email, desktop and cloud sources
  • Save you time and effort with highly targeted results
  • Search from ANY device, mobile or desktop
  • Quickly find what you need without interrupting workflow

All on top of the dMAX Platform

    • Scan via MFP, Scanner, Mobile device
    • Automatic document recognition and information extraction
    • Link documents seamlessly to ERP and Accounting Platforms (like SAP!)
    • Document routing and rules engine
    • Record locking for proper teamwork
    • Role based/Department based security
    • Accounts Payable Automation, HR document processing, more…

If you’d like to find out how to add efficiency and security to your business processes, CONTACT US about adding the power of document management, document workflow, encryption and search to your organization.


SharePoint – Creating an easy export to Excel link

The SharePoint chrome can get pretty heavy handed. You don’t want users to get lost in sea of menus and options. In this instance, we wanted to show multiple lists on one Wiki Page, but we also wanted the users to be able to export the list data to Excel. If we used the default mechanism, we’d have to leave the full toolbar on, and the user would have to click into the list, and find the export to Excel option in the menus.

Instead, we simply add a hyperlink in the Wiki-Page using the following format:


You need to replace the List ID with the ID of the list you want to export, and View with the ID of the view in the list you want to export. The easiest way to get this information is to open the list or library in SharePoint, select the correct view, and click “Modify View” in the toolbar. Copy and paste the URL into notepad and you should see the List and View parameters to use in the URL above.

I like to include some instructions in the link like:

(Click here to export to Excel – then click Open and then Enable, if prompted)

This refers to the Open required to open the view in Excel and Enable to the security dialog box that you may be prompted with inside of Excel).

Good luck!

Team Highland Martin

Flexible Document Management for Restaurants

After walking 33.7 miles at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, two things were apparent. I needed to buy some gel inserts for my shoes, and restaurants are not at all the same. Because many of the restaurant groups have grown through acquisition, POS systems, accounting systems and processes can be completely different throughout the same organization. One thing similar among most is that credit card receipts, vendor invoices, packing slips and human resource related documents are crammed in every corner, filling bankers boxers, filing cabinets and in dark closets in the bathroom. The corporate offices are even more jammed with paper, considering they typically become the storage house where all documents go to die.

Although most of the stores and restaurants have smart-copiers and multi-function scanners, many still courier or pay to ship their paperwork to the home office, a hard cost that can often provide the complete ROI for our dMAX Document Management solution in record time.

The common question was “What makes you different from the Insert Document Management Platform Here that I tried before?” And it made me think.. why have we been so successful in this space. The answers are, in no particular order:

  • Domain Expertise – We understand restaurants and restaurant culture, and we know that many of the documents scanned into our system are going to have French fry grease, bootprints and the corners might be burnt.
  • POS Integration – Our system sits on top of almost every major POS system (local or in the cloud), and can easily connect to many different platforms all at the same time.
  • Dual accounting – Unlike most of the other industries, Restaurants are doing the same accounting two and three times. Transactions are flowing from POS systems and other restaurant systems into traditional accounting and ERP platforms. The dMAX platform is designed to integrate on both sides of the process and centralizes the document access so there is no need for duplication of image or data storage.
  • Flexibility – One store wants to scan from a copy machine, another from a local scanner, another one sends to corporate via courier and is entered at the home office. We can read the information off of PO cover sheets, barcode sheets and invoices. We can allow the users to index the records, providing intelligent lookups from the POS/Back-Office systems. The dMAX platform also supports full intelligent recognition, learning as it goes and as documents flow through the system.
  • Modern and mobile/local or cloud based – Many of the systems out there today are clunky and old. dMAX can run locally on client servers or in the cloud via the Microsoft Azure platform or Office 365. Powerful drag and drop workflows provide for smart routing and complex approvals. And everything can be done from a computer or from a mobile tablet connected via GoGo WiFi on a Delta flight to Atlanta (very specific, because I just did that).

Bottom line, the NRA Show was our first and was incredible. We are excited about the opportunity to grow even further in the space and to partner with great technology companies and restaurants all over the world. And most importantly, bring REALLY comfortable shoes and bring your appetite. The food is incredible and the expo halls are loooooonnnnnnggggg.


National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2015 (#582)

It’s almost upon us. The International Foodservice Marketplace, the National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Check us out at Booth #582

We’ll be demonstrating our dMAX Restaurant Accelerator which enables remote stores and branch locations to scan invoices, packing slips, HR documentation and any other paperwork to corporate, saving thousands in courier and overnight shipping fees. Powerful workflows and mobile approval technologies allow users to route images for review, approval and coding. Magic buttons appear in any P.O.S. system and any corporate accounting system to provide instant indexing and search functionality from a common document storage location. Multiple P.O.S. systems in the field, no problem..

We’ll see you there!!

Document Management for Radiant’s MenuLink Software

Highland Martin announces complete document management integration for the MenuLink platform. Scanning, Indexing, Coding, Routing and Approval is now supported directly from the MenuLink client.

If you’re like most and running a dual-accounting system at the Restaurants and Corporate Location, talk to us today about the power of the dMAX Document Accelerators for Restaurants. We’ve got you covered and we’ll help you reduce cost and paper throughout your enterprise.

Contact us today!

Support for Compeat Advantage and Enterprise

Compeat Restaurant Management Systems was founded in 2000 and is located in Austin, Texas. They’ve installed restaurant management software for hundreds of customers in thousands of restaurant locations ranging in size from high volume independents to large chain operators.

Highland Martin proudly announces complete document management integration for the Compeat platform, both On-Premise and via the Cloud. Scanning, Indexing, Coding, Routing and Approval is now supported directly from the Compeat client.

If you’re like most and running a dual-accounting system at the Restaurants and Corporate Location, talk to us today about the power of the dMAX Document Accelerators for Restaurants. We’ve got you covered and we’ll help you reduce cost and paper throughout your enterprise.

Contact us today!

Document Management for Office 365 (O365) – SharePoint Online

Office 365 and SharePoint Online is the future of cloud computing. Highland Martin recognizes that Microsoft is in the hosting market to stay and has designed a platform integration for its powerful dMAX Document Accelerator Platforms. Scanning, indexing, coding, mobile approvals and long term archiving are now available for O365. Integrate with any ERP, CRM, Accounting, HR or any other back-end system using our drag-and-drop integration mapping system. Up and running in hours, not days.

Contact us today if you are interested in leveraging the power of O365 and dMAX to reduce paper in your organization.

The End is Nigh – InfoPath’s Lullably

Don’t run, don’t panic, but Microsoft has announced the future retirement for its InfoPath Form product. I’m not sure that the end is really all that near, considering that support for InfoPath in SharePoint 2013 will be continued until 2023, but it does make some sense to start considering the alternatives and to plan your short term projects appropriately.


The Microsoft future involves things like Forms on Spreadsheets with Excel Online and building Apps with Access Services. Some of these features are already available in SharePoint 2013 Online, but many of the features won’t be present in on-premise until the next major version of SharePoint, and it appears they will be approaches which will require more technical expertise than current solutions.


Nintex, thank goodness, has recognized that users wanted a powerful solution that was also easy to use, develop, deploy and maintain. The Nintex Forms product for SharePoint On-Premise & Online is the perfect replacement for InfoPath. It already supports deploying application interfaces to mobile devices, it directly connects to SharePoint list data and BCS data sources, and it works seamlessly with workflow tasks and data (something InfoPath never did without some major technical aerobics).


We’ve been using Nintex Forms to slowly replace our clients InfoPath deployments and we haven’t looked back since.. See how the power of Nintex Forms can pull you out of forms Purgatory. Contact us for a demo today!


Sharepoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

Great show so far in Las Vegas. Vendors from all over demonstrating platforms and add-on’s to SharePoint on-premise and Office 365. While Highland Martin is busy demonstrating our dMAX document processing platform to users at the Microsoft Convergence conference in Atlanta, west-coast partner, Hershey Technologies, has a booth in Vegas and is ready to talk about Accounts Payable and Human Resource document automation. Stop by and see all they have to offer and schedule a demo to see how the dMAX platform can help you get rid of paper and add efficiency to any business process.

Take your documents to the max with power of dMAX!